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Q: Some people worried about couldn't receive the machine after payment?
A: You can doubtless trust us, because we are an Alibaba Authorized Factory.

Q: Is the CU18 color doppler?
A: It is pseudo color, you can view & print by colored diagnostic images when set in Freeze, so this machine can save you costs while enjoy color picture.

Q: How many probes does PU25 has?
A: PU25 standard includes one convex.

Q: About CU25 quality?
A: It is excellent performance and receiving great comments from customer.

Q: Can it take Biopsy?
A: Yes, PU25 is ideal for doctors to use for Biopsy, I usually recommend PU25 for customers who needs to take Biopsy application, because this model is in great formance as you can see from the comments, meantime, it is the most cost effective model to make this application.

Q: Which port do you ship?
A: We ship it through Huangpu sea port or Baiyun Airport.

Q: Can ultrasound scanner mslpu25 use for 3 d image? And how to active its 3 d image?
A: This ultrasound scanner mslpu25 can use for 3 d image. Please check the product manual of it attached to this email, on the page 42, there shows how to use it. Thanks.

Q: I suppose there will be additional taxes when imported into Malaysia, right?
A: Regarding the taxes, I asked one of my Malaysia customer, he told me that Malaysia import medical equipment from foreign don't need to pay tax. So last time he bought our ultrasound machine didn't pay tax. He is a doctor.

Q: How works this device PU31?
A: This wireless probe scanner with integrated ultrasound circuit boards inside, it can connect to the PC Tablet, smart phone or ipad that after installed ultrasound software, then realize the functions of a ultrasound scanner.

Q: Difference between MSLPU24 and MSLPU25?
A: 1. MSLPU25: PC based, abundant functions(Detail report edit function, DICOM display and transfer ), 3D Image function
     2. Printer: MSLPU24: Compatible with video printer only, MSLPU25 Compatible with laser/inkjet printers

Q: Hi how can we adjust the PU31 depth? It's fixed at 90mm.
A: The depth is 90-200mm, can be adjusted.

Q: Can you make a French type Keyboard on the ultrasound machine ?Because We do not use English type keyboard here in french.
A: Here is our solution about that issue. You just need to buy a french type keyboard at your side. And plug in the ultrasound machine, Then it’s ok for you now. Type by french machine.

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