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Color Ultrasound Machines

Color Ultrasound simply means that the high resolution black and white B Ultrasound plus color Doppler, first talk about the ultrasonic frequency shift diagnostic method, namely D ultrasound, Doppler effect principle of this method, when the sound source and the receiver (i.e. when there is relative motion between the probe and reflector), echo frequency change, change this frequency is called frequency shift, D Ultrasound including pulse Doppler, continuous Doppler and color Doppler flow image. Currently, Color Ultrasound is the development direction of B-ultrasound within the medical field color Ultrasound.
Color Doppler Ultrasound, for its Doppler signal processing is typically performed using an auto-correlation technique, the Doppler signals obtained from the related art after the color coded real-time ultrasound device superimposed on the two-dimensional image, that the formation of color Doppler ultrasound blood flow images. Thus, color Doppler (as color ultrasound) has the advantage of both the structure of two-dimensional ultrasound images, but also provides a wealth of information on the Hemodynamics, practical application has been widely appreciated and welcomed, known clinically “Non-invasive Angiography”........