How a Nephrologist Benefits from Portable Echo Machine

Nathaniel Reisinger, Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Medicine, Clinical Ultrasound Fellow and Nephrologist, is one of a growing number of physicians who benefit from the portable echo machine. Dr. Reisinger uses mini ultrasound machine to visualize IVC as well as the lungs to identify conditions such as pleural effusions.

portable ultrasound

Although Dr. Reisinger can use a variety of ultrasound systems, he prefers ultra-portable devices. He purchased a Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanner earlier this year and is using it daily. "When I scan the patient, my patient spends more time." I talked with them, I knew their history, and I never knew about their personal affair, Dr. Reisinger said. More importantly, the patient is engaged in their own care. "

Dr. Reisinger also likes Clarius working with his own personal device, further enhancing the ability to carry ultrasound scanners. "I do not have to use some of the company's proprietary tablets and I do not have to go out and buy Android; I can use the devices I already use. I do not have to carry two or more. I do not have to rely on ultrasound in the ICU or ER. Take it with you in your pocket. "

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