Many mothers fear they are not producing enough breast milk to satisfy their baby. In most cases, the fear is based on false alarms, such as shorter nursing times or natural appetite growth. These are natural scenarios many mothers experience when breastfeeding. If your baby, however, is not gaining weight, or worse, if he's losing weight, then increasing breast milk production can help.

Increasing Production Pre-Breastfeeding
1. Consume a minimum of 1,800 calories a day and drink at least 6 glasses of fluids while you are lactating.

2. Consult your doctor about using prescription or herbal supplements to increase breast milk.

3. Supplement feedings with pumping.

4. Limit the use of pacifiers and bottles while you're trying to make more breast milk.

Increase Breast Milk Production

Increasing Production During Breastfeeding
1. Relax. Loads of stress can hurt your ability to produce milk. Try to relax before pumping or breastfeeding by playing soothing music, looking at pictures that produce happiness, or just having a moment with the love of your life.

2. Allow your baby to nurse frequently for as long as he wants. The more often your breasts are stimulated, the more milk your body makes.

3. Practice undressing your baby to stimulate skin-to-skin contact during breast feeding.

4. Try sling feeding. Wearing a sling and keeping your baby close to the ultimate food supply should encourage him to feast more frequently. Some babies tend to feed more when on the move.

5. Offer your baby both breasts at every feeding to let your body know to make more breast milk.

6. Try taking a nursing "vacation."For a day or two, take your baby to bed with you and do nothing but nurse when the urge hits your baby.