Portable ultrasound, also called protable echo machine, has many advantages. Is protable ultrasound leading the trend? Instant Care Ultrasound is a groundbreaking technology that can change the health care - it fits in your palm. London is at the forefront of using this device and its portability (laptop or palm size) is the biggest advantage. Dr. Robert Arntfield, an intensive care physician at the London Health Sciences Center, said: "We can bring the ultrasound device to the patient instead of bringing the patient to the ultrasound scan machine." He added: "Like the way they put the stethoscope on their chests, it's an ultrasound probe, so ultrasound does not really get the doctor back to the bed, as many other techniques do.


Anterfield is an expert in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology, and he emphasizes the importance of medicine in the moment. "This is very helpful for those of us who practice in acute care settings such as intensive care units, emergency rooms, and operating theaters - where it is sometimes dangerous to transport patients and what diagnoses and problems they may encounter Changing, ".

From traditional stethoscopes to diagnostic techniques that can be placed in the palm of your hand, technology is likely to revolutionize medicine.

"Even in handheld devices, the handhelds you can see are almost as large as a cellphone, but we have the ability to use color Doppler to check blood flow and be able to generate images that are almost the same as larger images you see the device of".

Dr. James Calvin, LHSC Medical Director, said improved diagnoses also contribute to the healthcare system.

Sometimes, instead of spending two or three days to solve a problem, we can find the answer faster. If we can get the answer faster, we can not only reduce the cost but also improve the patient's experience.

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