Guide To Color Ultrasound Clinical Application

Vascular disease

Using 10MHz high frequency probe can be found the range of classifications within the blood vessels less than 1mm.
For Carotid Arteriosclerosis Occlusive Disease, Color Ultrasound was proved the better diagnostic value, which can also take advantage of an enlarged blood analyzer determines the degree of luminal emboli whether there is an ulcer, prevention of cerebral embolism likely to fall off.
Color Ultrasound for all types of the arteriovenous can be described as the best diagnostic method, when the probe into the multicolored mosaic annular color spectrum can be confirmed.

Abdominal organs

Color Ultrasound be used in the liver and kidneys mainly, but for discriminating benign and malignant lesions in the abdominal cavity, gallbladder and large polyps, chronic inflammation heavier identification, common bile duct, the difference between the hepatic artery and other diseases have a certain diagnostic value.
For liver cirrhosis from various vascular ultrasound lumen size, internal velocity speed, direction and the establishment of collateral circulation, Color Ultrasound applied can ensure better judgments.


Using real time volume imaging, the Color Ultrasound visually display complex cardiac anatomy, accurate assessment of cardiac function. And for cardiac surgery, offers important information imaging. Obtain accurate three-dimensional image, blood and spatial anatomical relationship to provide intuitive information on surgical repair surgery.

Prostate and seminal vesicles

Maybe Rectal Probe is the best way to diagnose prostate cancer currently, so this probe is a special one. The probe can detect prostate transition zone, the central zone and the area surrounding.
However, Rectal Probe be good used in various diseases like prostate seminal and vesicle. In our country, especially in the incidence of prostate cancer is rising, while the abdominal exploratory simply can not make a diagnosis, it is recommended to use rectal clinical diagnosis.




Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ultrasonography lies in the identification of benign and malignant diseases and umbilical cord, fetal congenital heart disease and evaluate placental function of the main advantages of obstetrics and gynecology, for trophoblastic disease have a better diagnostic value, as for infertility, pelvic varicose veins through the bloodstream spectrum observation, diagnosis can be made also in black and white under the super hard. Representing an abdominal exploratory use vaginal probe has certain advantages.

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