Ultrasound machines serve many purposes.They can be used for obstetric,veterinary and cardiac procedures as well as to treat sports injuries and chronic pain.Whether you are buying an ultrasound machine for your home or your medical office,it is important to consider budget,manufacturer and reliability.Some people choose to buy portable ultrasound machines that they can take from place to place,and others like to save money by purchasing a used machine.Buy an ultrasound machine by determining how you will use it,how long you plan to have it and what you want to spend.

1.Consider your plans for the ultrasound machine.The size and type of machine you buy will depend on whether you expect to use it at your home,in your medical office or in a larger healthcare setting.

2.Set a budget.

3.Think about the size you need.Ultrasound machines for the home are lightweight and some can even be worn.Others are large machines that are meant to be used in hospitals and medical centers when patients are lying down.

4.Examine several different manufacturers and models.If you currently have an ultrasound machine and you are pleased with its performance,consider sticking with the same brand.

5.Look for all the appropriate certifications.Government and manufacturer certifications will ensure the machine is inspected and held to strict safety standards.

6.Look for the technical specifications you need.These will include the level of power output,the imaging required,color Doppler and whether a DICOM or a DIGITAL system is best.

7.Shop with well known providers of medical equipment.If you are not sure where to start looking,talk to your doctor or another healthcare provider about where to buy.If you are a healthcare professional,use your best vendors.

8.Buy a used or a new ultrasound machine online.You can shop at retailers such as eBay and Amazon for one,or buy from a company that specializes in medical supplies.Check the certifications so you know it is safe and approved by the government and the medical industry.

9.Buy an ultrasound machine that has a warranty and a return policy.At the minimum,you will want a 1 year warranty.Some machines might offer up to a 5 year plan.

10.Make sure the machine is up to date if you are buying it used.A newer model will keep your medical office from appearing outdated.If you are buying it for your home,you will not have to worry about replacing it sooner than necessary.

11.Read reviews.Most companies will share testimonials from happy customers,but dig a little deeper.