News from Medpagetoday:

Tells that Dr. (Maj.) Andrew Morgan arrived at third Special Forces Group (Airborne), he were already aware that the benefits of ultrasound machines from being an emergency physician at Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg ( South-central north Carolina town ).

And then, Morgan served that knowledge with him to the team in the summer of the year of 2007 when he got the army unit operating surgeon for first Battalion, third SFG, and he rapidly pushed to have much more ultrasound machines at his unit.

After that, Morgan and his employees noticed a problem in the field of medical imaging after they evaluated the medical capability of the battalion's Special Forces operational detachment alpha teams. So he moved to gain more ultrasound machines to be able to get them to the Special Forces medics in the field; where they will have the perfect impact.

The Portable Ultrasound machines ( as following showed machine Portable & Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System DP-30 ), which apply high-frequency sound waves to explore the body for a number of medical reasons, such as for example checking blood finding fractures, in the abdomen, skin infections and collapsed lungs, which is already have popular use in Army medicine however right until lately were not storied in the Special Forces arena.


However with the arrival of portable ultrasound machines, which can weigh less than near five pounds, Special Forces medical workers are recognizing the power of this tech in their environment.

At this moment, each Special Forces battalion is licensed a single portable ultrasound machine, and yet when Morgan took his present position he asked for more of the machines to put in the hands of the unit's medical workers.