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As it begins to be a 4:24 a.m. and your mummy is suffering from a little bit of pregnancy insomnia.. so that I'm setting it to effective use by writing you an past due letter regarding our ultrasound a week ago. Lifetime has been quite busy here recently, and sitting yourself down to make has taken a back-seat to home schooling, washables, birthday parties and tasks. So even when I would not ordinarily enjoy becoming wide awake a few hours before I really want to be - if it means that a totally free window of time period to write to my rabbit, I'll get it.

The Past Monday, Daddy and I went back to the medical center we've moved to sometimes before, in order to have our twenty week degree two ultrasound. The physicians there specialize in high danger pregnancies, particularly once they include mothers of "advanced maternal age." It is astonishing to myself how far technology has can be found in maternal/ fetal medicine even yet in the past 5 years. I understand sometimes technology might be a double edged sword - here have now been instances in earlier pregnancies when I have sensed that learning "too much" in as much as risks go, was not actually a very good thing. However now that we have moved more than risks and are working with some really real available health worries, I am thankful for any kind of knowledge that can assist our doctors be better organized to take good care of both you and me. I know some babies' lives have been saved due to advance skills of certain health issues and issues, and we prefer to be as best prepared since we can to face those and have you any kind of help you need.

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sweetest little bunny ever before !!

So.. today I share how the ultrasound went..

We appeared at our location very early past Monday morning, willing to find a peek at our beautiful child girl once more. Just after a few momemts of waiting (that always appear like forever!) the nurse called us back again to check out weight gain, blood pressure levels, and so on. before moving in to the area where our ultrasound is going to be done.

I need certainly to say right here, that Daddy and I determined very early in this pregnancy to agree with something : we were not going to let fear or worry rob us of some of the pleasure we would encounter during our last pregnancy together. We realized the opportunities getting into this, that generally there will be chromosomal or health problems relevant to our age, but we prayed for several months before conceiving you, that God could offer us the longing of our minds for one last baby. And also when that second little line made an appearance on my pregnancy examination, the morning of our 28th wedding anniversary, we created a pact to see this valuable gift of life lacking any kind of fear. That's not saying there aren't times when the "what-ifs" don't attempt to creep in and take over my brain. However when they do, I tell myself of our choice to - in your daddy's terms - "war versus worry". And also I turn my headaches into wishes for your health and safety and mine, and mend my ideas on what is good and true. And that is this, little bunny rabbit : you tend to be a miracle. My chances of having pregnant at 47 were one per cent every month. I've read adequate posts and stats on women getting pregnant at my age to recognize what a gift and magic I've been provided, and I'm not about to let any worry or doubt rob that gift coming from me. I'm so that grateful for this awesome little current I carry within me, and I'm not letting anything stay in the form of enjoying this final season of my life - you are a true blessing straight from Heaven, and I am so thankful to be your mom.

And I stated exactly what to say, that even if we realized we were at a expert to look for possible issues with this pregnancy, we could possibly not get out of the pleasure we felt at viewing you again. Several people who have stepped in this manner before have provided that they've had the same emotions we did: the sweet thing concerning high risk pregnancies is that you have LOTS of chances to "see" your little one before they are born !

The specialist who did our scan last week was one who has noticed us years ago.. she is very complete and communicates everything since she views it. Daddy questioned her why she is permitted to publish everything so easily - generally there have been some technicians in our history of ultrasounds who were so close lipped throughout things that we got no concept what they were measuring or looking at This tech mentioned that there were many factors involved in her openness - the primary one to be that this may be a clinic that offers particularly with possible health effects, one where the doctor goes in straight away a short while later you can do her own scan and talk about the results. There is no prepared period, where pictures are transferred to the doctor - she is right here to have a talk with us all about what things they are witnessing, and she is depending mainly on what the technician sees at first, to tell her what is taking place with our baby.

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Throughout last week's scan we observed the same soft markers for Down symptoms we had viewed before - just one among your kidneys is expanded, which the doctor said will probably deal with itself and not be an issue at birth. Your leg and arm bones are lagging by a single week - every other measuring matched exactly to your gestational age at the moment, of 19 weeks and six days.

The technician obtained a very good appearance at your heart in this instance- she watched four specific chambers, together with quite a few other facts that told us everything appears very good at this time. The blood flow was going in the right path, there were no leading obvious holes, and the nuchal liquid at the back of your head was inside standard range, which means your heart is pumping as it should. The technician recognized that it is a bit raised however- at the high end of "regular", so we can expect to keep an eye on that. I found this facts on the web that describes everything- this quite made me grateful that the technician who saw us is truly a Fetal Echocardiographer.

There are a few answers to this problem which are as follows:

1. First-time period Nuchal Translucency Evaluating

Researchers have claimed an organization between an enhanced nuchal translucency dimension and the improved risk for inborn heart defects. One reason for this organization is that as the blood flow models are modified by the cardiac defect, congestion or other alters come about that shows as an improve in size of the calculated nuchal translucency.

2. Second-Trimester Hereditary Ultrasound

This research is practiced between 17 and 20 weeks of pregnancy and finds over 90% of fetuses with heart defects.

3. Third-Time Period 4D Fetal Heart and Face Screening Plan

This assessment of the heart happens in the third trimester, between 24 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. This is a unique program created by Dr. DeVore and is practical, mostly for clients that are not able to be mention for 1st trimester nuchal translucency screening or 2nd trimester Genetic Ultrasound , due to the fact it can discover problems of the heart, face, and unusual growth.

What amount of Serious Heart Defects are determined as the Result of an boosted Nuchal Translucency?

In the year of 2005 Makrydimas et al posted their results from a pooled database in which the nuchal translucency was calculated during the first-trimester in 637 fetuses with inborn heart problems. The fetuses were separated into two teams; those with unusual chromosomes and those with regular chromosomes. When the nuchal translucency was 3.5 mm or greater, 59% of fetuses with heart problems and abnormal chromosomes were recognized. In the same way, of fetuses with regular chromosomes, 23% with heart issues were recognized due to an increasing nuchal translucency measure.

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When the tech turned to the color mode on the ultrasound, which tells the location of the flow of blood, there was a simple moment in time when the red color felt to get across both areas of the heart, instead of remaining distinctly separate. It was just for a second, and the tech stated that this could simply be what is related to as a "color flash"... which means that you may have transferred and the blood flow seemed to be crossing where it shouldn't, when in truth it is only a flash of color on the screen as a result of that action. Nevertheless, she stated to us she would let the doctor understand, and that this may be something they will definitely make note of for our following meeting, when we have a full echo finished on your heart. This will occur in four weeks, when your heart is a lot more fully created - that ultrasound will only look at your heart in more detail, to see whether there are any holes or issues that were too small to be seen formerly.

Just after looking at and calculating everything else she required to, our tech noted that the placenta had moved a portion of a centimeter far from my cervix, which was an enhancement. I expected her if this was placenta previa, and she said yes, and hadn't they advised me about this last visit ? I replied no, and replied it was likely a good thing ! (I'm doing perfect in my war against worry, and I perhaps didn't need that news at that point sooner or later. She continued to describe that this is not full placenta previa- the placement is just a little bit covering my cervix right away, but they totally wish it to move upwards as my uterus grows during the rest of my pregnancy. Yech!

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When the scan was completed, our doctor entered to discuss the outcomes and do her own simple scan. We talked-about the placenta, and she discussed that they like it to be not less than 1.7 centimeters away from the cervix at delivery - if it's not at all, then a c-section is needed. Nevertheless, there is even a great deal of time for my uterus to develop and extend, which will (ideally) move the placenta with it. I have did not had this before, and yet the doctor said that nearly all of the time it performs move enough - except if it is totally covering the cervix, which mine is not really. Just something else for all of us to hope about, but I really am not afraid.. we've observed God do much bigger miracles than moving a placenta over a small number of centimeters.

The rest of the ultrasound was spent talking about where I am going to bring you, small bunny... but it was a very long conversation, and this letter is currently dealing with be long, so I will save it for yet another post.

Rest ensured although, dad and the physicians and I are going to do every little thing we can to create the best choices we can for your wellbeing and security. We are SO in deep love with you previously, Bunny, and we have never held you still- I can't wait to notice this gorgeous face in person in just several months..

Love you forever to the moon and back, Madison Faith.

All my love,

Remember me? I got a call from you when we considered our Koralyn had AV canal and DS. She was later diagnosed with HLHS. We are now hoping for sweet Karis Mabel later this month. She has displayed soft markers and may possibly have Coarctation of the Aorta. I am grateful you are fighting towards worry and fear and trustful God. We are trying to do the same thing there. Prayers and prefer to you mama.

It's been very long since I've received mixed up on your blog. Prayers for peace and a healthy, uneventful pregnancy. You look completely beautiful. You certainly glow pregnant!