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Full Digital Ultrasound Equipment MSLPU21 new

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Full Digital Ultrasound Equipment MSLPU21

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Full Digital Ultrasound Equipment MSLPU21, applied part is ultrasonic probe, instruments series work for ophthalmological ultrasonic measuring mainly.


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Thank you for purchasing MSLPU21 series Ophthalmological Ultrasonic Masuring Instruments, offered by MSL,Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. China. Search for the changed appearance, MSLPU21AP is a portable full digital A/ P mode ultrasonic measuring instrument, which is composed of main unit, probe and so on. A-scan is suitable for measuring the anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, axial length and calculating the IOL power for an implanted lens; P-scan is suitable for measuring the corneal thickness.The expected service life of MSLPU21AP ophthalmological ultrasonic measuring instruments is 10 years.
Applied part is ultrasonic probe mainly, MSLPU21A provides A-scan probe, it is used to measure axial length. MSLPU21AP provides A-scan probe and P-scan probe, which is used to measure axial length and corneal thickness. MSLPU21AP ophthalmological ultrasonic measuring instruments have been used in medical institutions clinical ophthalmology for measuring axial length biological parameters and corneal thickness. What's more, It is suitable for over one age population, weight has no limit. 




Technical Specifications

1) Technical Data
1. Monitor:  5.7” LED
2. Adapter rating:  100-240V~, 1.2-0.6A, 50-60Hz
3. Output of adapter:  DC12.8V 3.0A
4. Main device rating:  DC12V 3.0A
5. Main Unit Size:  approx. 200 * 168 * 165 (mm, L * W * H)
6. Weight of main unit:  approx. 1.7kg (excluding accessories)

2) Primary Functions
1. Mode conversion  (probe automatically switches).
2. Adjustment of total gain.
3. Adjustment of contrast.
4. Adjustment of gates.
5. Image freeze/ unfreeze.
6. Patient information input function.
7. Measurement information store function.
8. System preset function: hospital name, doctor, date format and time, A-scan parameters and P-scan parameters settings.
9. Switching of automatic/ manual measuring axial length.
10. Display basic information: hospital name, doctor, patient information (name, ID, OS/ OD, sex, age), date and time.
11. Precision calibration, sensitivity testing function.
12. Measurement functions (corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body length, axial length).
13. Calculate intraocular lens degrees.
14. Energy saving.
15. Switch Chinese-English menu. 
16. Print function.



Operation Condition

1) Power supply
Adapter rating:  100-240V~, 1.2-0.6A, 50-60Hz
Adapter model:  BJE01-40- 001M
Output of adapter:  DC12.8V 3.0A 
Main device rating:  DC12V 3.0A

2) Operation Environment
Ambient temperature:  10℃- 40℃
Relative humidity:  30%- 75% (without condensation)
Atmospheric pressure:  800hPa-1060hPa
Altitude:  < 2000 m
Overvoltage:  Overvoltage CategoryⅡ
Pollution degree:  2

3) Storage and Transport
Ambient temperature:  -20℃-55℃ 
Relative humidity:  30%-93% (without condensation)
Atmospheric pressure:  700hPa-1060hPa

Attention:  The mains voltage is varies with different countries or regions.
Warning:  Avoid using this equipment with high frequency operational equipment, or danger may occur. 
Danger:  Do not use this equipment where flammable gas (such as anesthetic gas, oxygen or hydrogen) or flammable liquid                       (such as alcohol) are present. Failure to do so may result in explosion.
Attention:  System should be avoided using in following environments:

1. Splash                 2. Moist                3. Rain 
4. Thunderstorm weather                       5. No ventilation 
6. Dust                                                     7. Close to heat source 
8. Direct sunlight                                     9. Dramatic temperature change
10. Chemical medicines                       11. Poisonous gas
12. Corrosive gas                                  13.Strong shock 
14. Strong electromagnetic field (e.g. MRI)
15. Radiation (e.g. X-ray, CT) 
16. Defibrillators or short wave therapy equipment


Since the beginning establishment of Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, we have been working in the medical field applications and product innovation. After several years of development, now our products are exported to over 110 countries, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Nigeria included. Furthmore, our company has passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification, CE certification and RoHS certification.

Nowadays, we sell three series ultrasound products including Human ultrasound, Vet animals ultrasound and Ophthalmology ultrasound. Wide ranges of ultrasound such as Notebook B ultrasound, Handheld, 4D ultrasound and other special type of ultrasound products, of which under unique proprietary core technology in the international leading level.

As a developing Medical Devices team, we pursue the goal of "More healthier in technology", and adhere to the idea of "Innovating technology, living healthier". Therefore, we have made a contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technologies products for many years.

We are looking forward to cooperating you from differ medical fields around the world, and we firmly believe that we will make you satisfied with our high quality products and good serves.





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