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Latest Convenient Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine MSLCU24 new

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Latest Convenient Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine MSLCU24

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Professional 4D Ultrasound Machine Manufacturer, Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. aim to supply cheaper medical equipment with good service in the same Medical level, supply cheap 4D ultrasound machine for sale. MSL 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine/4D Baby Ultrasound pregnancy CU24 included.


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Welcome select our Medical Ultrasound machines MSLCU24, We aim to supply cheaper medical equipments with good service in the same Medical level. And we are ready serve you Specialized Medical Ultrasound machines. Latest new Ultrasound machines, Global Specialized Medical Equipment supplied for different Businesses people by Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
There are Ultrasound machines including: Trolly ultrasound machine, 3D& 4D ultrasound machine, Portable/ Handheld Ultrasound Machines, Home Ultrasound Machine, Veterinary Ultrasound, Color Ultrasound Machine and Digital Ultrasound Machines in differ functions for different person.
As Professional 4D ultrasound machine manufacturer, Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. supply best price 4D ultrasound machine for sale, MSL 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine/ 4D Baby Ultrasound pregnancy MSLCU24 included.

Product Introduction

The standard probe showed as below:

TC60A convex array probe              TL40A linear array probe

TC10A cavity probe                          TP16 phased array probe


Briefly principle

* The color Doppler B ultrasound instrument using the probe, make the convert electric excitation signal for ultrasonic signal, sen to the patient’s body, and then reflected the echo signal through the probe and converted to electric signals, processed by the digital circuit. The computer processing system will responsible for the complete emission signal timing and pulse width control, complete echo signal amplifier, dynamic focusing, the TGC (time gain control), the logarithmic compression and signal processing.

* The color Doppler B ultrasound is use the Doppler signal processing, using the technology related to the autocorrelation technique to obtain the blood flow signals after color coding in real-time overlay on the 2 d image, namely the formation of color Doppler ultrasound blood flow images.


The main advantages are:

1) Can quickly visual display two-dimensional plane distribution of the blood flow state;

2) Show the flow direction of the blood;

3) It is convenient to identify the arteries and veins;

4) It’s helpful to understand the nature of the blood flow;

5) It is convenient to understand the speed of the blood flow;

6) Can reliably found shunt and regurgitation;

7) Can make a quantitative analysis for the beam, width, length and area of the blood flow;


Field of Application and Contraindication

Field of Application 

The instrument mainly applies in the human body heart, abdominal organs ultrasonic imaging and blood flow movement information collection;


The instrument can not be used in the internal organs examinations like stomach, intestines and lungs which contain the gas. Patients with body burn, scalds or other trauma, cannot be used in the injured part.



Main Functions and Technical Indexes 

Operating environment

Operating ambient temperature:  + 5℃ ~ + 40℃

Relative humidity:  ≤ 80 %

Atmospheric pressure:  700hPa - 1060hPa

Power supply:  AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz 

Plug seat shall have independent power supply.

Be far away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field equipment and high voltage equipment


Main Functions

Having a full digital beam forming technology

Scanning mode:   Convex array, lumen, high-frequency linear array, phased array;

Dynamic range:     0 ~ 120dB adjustable;

Display mode:    B, B / B, M, B / M, CFM, CMF / B, PDI, B / PW, total eight mode;

Application mode:                      abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, superficial organ, urologist, heart and user defined model 1- 4, total ten models;

Image mode:     digital beam forming, tissue harmonic imaging;

Acoustic output:    Mechanical index and thermal index real-time display;

Acoustic power:   Step is adjustable, real-time display;

Gray scale:    256 scales;

Depth display:   ≥ 250 mm;

B/ D dual-purpose:   linear array: B/ PWD; convex array: B/ PWD;

Pseudo color processing:   16 kinds of pseudo color encoding can optional;

Gain adjusts:    8 segments TGC, B/ M/ D/ C is independently adjustable; 

                           TGC curve can show and hide automatically;

Image magnification:   picture in picture zoom in and zoom part function;

Image processing: 

     Edge enhancement: Multilevel adjustable

     Frame average: Multilevel adjustable

     Line average: Multilevel adjustable

Focus Optimization:    Multilevel adjustable

Gray Restrain:   Multilevel adjustable 

Gamma correction:     Multilevel adjustable

Contrast:   Adjustable

Brightness:     Adjustable

Self-motion optimize function: 

Built-in multiple check type, according to different inspection organs, preset best image check condition, reduce the adjusting operation keys;

One-click optimization function:              

preset several parameters adjusting focus on a button, a key to realize image fast optimization;                     



Measurement and calculation: 

B mode routine measurement:  Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, ratio, and stenos rate.

M mode routine measurement:   Heart rate, time, distance, speed, ratio, etc. Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix,                                                                    endometrial, ovary, follicular.   

Obstetrics measurement:  EGA, ETD, fetal weight estimation, AFI index, OB report ( including OB tables ).

Cardiology measurement:   LV measurement.

Urology measurement:   Prostate volume, displacement volume, bladder capacity, and residual urine output.

PW her measurement :

Slice volume measurement, hip joint angle measurement.

Image storage:    

Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk storage capacity ≥ 160G;

Patient data:                                                                

Medical record management, report inquiry and printing, image video output (HDD,DVD-RW,USB),built-in ultrasound workstation;
Reporting system: automatic report generation system, and can be full screen characters in both Chinese and English editor;

Output interface:   SR323, USB, DICOM interface;



Main Technical Indexes

The performance requirements of gray-scale imaging mode

The color ultrasonic at the gray-scale imaging performance mode should comply with the provisions of the table 3.1

Table 1 At the Gray-scale imaging mode the performance of the probe

performance indexes

probe type and nominal frequency





a) probe type and model

phased array (type TP16A)

Convex array

(type TC60A)


(type TC10A)

Linear array

(type TL40A)

b) nominal frequency






c) Scan depth (mm)





d) Lateral resolution








e) Axial resolution (mm)






f) Blind area (mm)





g) Transverse geometry

     precision (%)





h) Longitudinal 

    geometric location

     accuracy (%)





i) Slice thickness (mm)





j) Perimeter and area

  measured deviation (%)





k) M mode time

    display error (%)






The performance requirements of color Doppler imaging mode

a) The color ultrasonic at the color Doppler imaging mode should comply with the provisions of the table 3.2;

b) Color blood flow image should be essentially coincident with the gray-scale image of pipe’s; 

c) Blood flow direction should be able to correctly identify, no aliasing phenomenon;


Table 2 at the color blood flow imaging mode the performance of the probe

Doppler model

Phased array

Convex array


Linear array

Investigation depth at 

Color blood flow model





Investigation depth at

Doppler spectrum model





Blood flow speed reading error



The performance requirements of Doppler spectrum mode

a) The color ultrasonic at the color Doppler spectrum mode should comply with the provisions of the;

b) Blood flow speed reading error should comply with the provisions of  the table2.3; 

c) Pulse wave Doppler mode sampling area cursor position should be accurate;


Table 3 at the color blood flow imaging mode the performance of the probe

Doppler model



Convex array


Linear array

Investigation depth at

Color blood flow model





Investigation depth at

Doppler spectrum model





Blood flow speed reading error



Displayer:   15 inch LCD color display

Running hours:     ≥ 8h;

Input power:    ≤ 320V;

Host weight:     about 80 kg;

Host appearance size:    950 ×520× 1260 (length × width × height) (mm3).



Since the beginning establishment of Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, we have been working in the medical field applications and product innovation. After several years of development, now our products are exported to over 110 countries, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Nigeria included. Furthmore, our company has passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification, CE certification and RoHS certification.

Nowadays, we sell three series ultrasound products including Human ultrasound, Vet animals ultrasound and Ophthalmology ultrasound. Wide ranges of ultrasound such as Notebook B ultrasound, Handheld, 4D ultrasound and other special type of ultrasound products, of which under unique proprietary core technology in the international leading level.

As a developing Medical Devices team, we pursue the goal of "More healthier in technology", and adhere to the idea of "Innovating technology, living healthier". Therefore, we have made a contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technologies products for many years.

We are looking forward to cooperating you from differ medical fields around the world, and we firmly believe that we will make you satisfied with our high quality products and good serves.





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