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Comprehensive Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging Machine MSLPU25 new

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Comprehensive Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging Machine MSLPU25

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Comprehensive Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging Machine MSLPU25, full Digital Black& White Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System, MSLPU25 can be widely used in a number of ultrasound diagnosis including abdominal, gynecological, heart, and small organs etc.

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Comprehensive Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System-MSLPU25, which is a full Digital Black and White Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System. After years’ of painstaking research, it's combined with the international advanced technological achievements of B-type Ultrasound development to offer better.
Supporting most kinds of probes including the linear array, convex array probe, MSLPU25 can be widely used in a number of ultrasound diagnosis including abdominal, gynecological, obstetrics, pediatrics, vascular, cardiology and urinary systems etc. in people lives.
Moreover, MSLPU25 also provides you special measurements such as obstetrics, gynecology, heart, small organs, andrology subjects, the urinary system, abdomen and four customize measurements. It also provides functions of cine loop, hundreds of patients reporting templates, image management, DICOM3.0 station.In addition, if you want to get it in a lower price, just have a commication with us please, we can try our best to meet your requirments.


Environmental Conditions

1) Working environment

Please make sure installing and operating this system under the following conditions:
Ambient temperature:  0℃~ 40℃;
Relative humidity:  30%~ 85%;
Atmospheric pressure:  500hPa~ 1060hPa.

2) Storage environment

* This machine should be placed in dry and clean rooms. 
* Make sure of the good aeration, and avoid strong sunshine and corrosive gas. 
* If store this machine in packing case over six months, please take it out and turn it on for at least four hours before putting back   according to the direction indicated on the packing case. 
* Don't stack up the machines. Don't get close to the ground, wall, and roof.


Main technical data of diagnostic system

1. Measurement deviation for perimeter and area

Measurement deviation for perimeter and area of diagnostic system is within ±20% range

2. Performance indicators in M mode

Time display error of diagnostic system in M mode is within ±10% range.

3. Calculative error for 3D reconstruction volume

Calculative error for 3D reconstruction volume of diagnostic system is within ±20% range.

4. Adaptable range of rated voltage

Rated voltage of diagnostic system is within DC15V-16V range, diagnostic system works normally.

5. Continuous working hours

Continuous working hours of diagnostic system is larger than 8h.
Work time by built-in battery: about 5 hours

6. Connectors of transducers

Connectors of transducers: 2

7. Supported output apparatus

2 USB devices, VGA, DICOM3.0

8. Monitors

15 inch high definition LCD screen

9. Dimension


10. Weight

Net weight 4.3Kg

11. Display mode

B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B,9B, ZOOM;
Real-time Zoom on B mode

12. Image gray scale

256 level gray scale

13. Image processing

Pre-processing, after-processing, dynamic range, frame rate, line average, edge enhancement, Black/ White inversion, Up/ Down inversion, Gray scale adjustment, contrast, brightness, gamma correction, noise reduction.

14. Gain

Time gain control (TGC): 8 segment adjustment, B, B/B, M, 4B adjustment separately.

15 Cine loop

64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 frame


Measurement and calculation

B mode:  distance, circumstance/ area, volume, angle, ratio, stenosis, histogram, cross section, hip joint angle;
                cross section, hip joint angle;

M mode:  heart rate, time, distance, speed, slope;
                 Abdominal measurement: Liver, gallbladder, L/R kidney, pancreas, spleen;
                 Gynecological measurement: uterus, cervix, endometrium, L/ R ovary, L/ R follicle;

Obstetric:   gestation age, fetal weight, AFI;
cardiology:   LV, LV function, LVPW, RVAWT;
Urology:   bladder volume, RUV, prostate, kidney;
Small organs:   optic, thyroid, jaw and face, neck.

Since the beginning establishment of Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, we have been working in the medical field applications and product innovation. After several years of development, now our products are exported to over 110 countries, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Nigeria included. Furthmore, our company has passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification, CE certification and RoHS certification.

Nowadays, we sell three series ultrasound products including Human ultrasound, Vet animals ultrasound and Ophthalmology ultrasound. Wide ranges of ultrasound such as Notebook B ultrasound, Handheld, 4D ultrasound and other special type of ultrasound products, of which under unique proprietary core technology in the international leading level.

As a developing Medical Devices team, we pursue the goal of "More healthier in technology", and adhere to the idea of "Innovating technology, living healthier". Therefore, we have made a contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technologies products for many years.

We are looking forward to cooperating you from differ medical fields around the world, and we firmly believe that we will make you satisfied with our high quality products and good serves.





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