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Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15 new

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Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15

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Nearly Wholesale Enhanced Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15, won honor applied in vet animals like bovine and sheep.

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MOQ: 1 Set
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets per Month
Port: Guangzhou
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Welcome select us, as a more than five-year Professional Ultrasound Equipment manufacturer, Medsinglong Global Group CO. Limited. offers New Cheap Enhanced Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15. In order to supply cheap medical equipment with good service in the same Medical level, we are ready supply you Specialized Medical Ultrasound machines. Latest Cheap Enhanced Laptop Veterinary Doppler Ultrasound Scanner MSLVU15 also won honor applied in vet animals like bovine and sheep, supplied by MSL, Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. China.
Moreover, We have wide ranges of Ultrasound machines, including Trolly ultrasound machine, 3D & 4D ultrasound machine, Portable and Handheld Ultrasound Machines, Home Ultrasound Machine, Veterinary Ultrasound, Color Ultrasound Machine and Digital Ultrasound Machines in differ functions for different person use. Let us help you choose your real suitable one and enhance your lives in need.
Following we serve you some product details:


Main Features

Small size, light weight (700 g), handheld
Compact main body with should & wrist belts, free hands
Rubber protector around the scanner against dirt and impact from the outside
Splash water
Li-ion rechargeable battery can be removed easily. Battery charging time is about 2 hours.
Both battery and AC powered.

Technical Specifications

MODEL HandScan V7

Probe:   3.5 MHz Mechanical Sector Probe
Detect Depth (mm):  ≥140
Resolution Lateral:   ≤4 (Depth ≤80) ≤5 (80< Depth≤ 130)  (mm)
Axial:   ≤2  (Depth≤ 80)
Blind zone (mm):   ≤8
Geometric position precision Horizontal:   ≤20
Vertical:   ≤10
Monitor size:   5.5 inch
Display mode:  B, B+B, B+M,  M
Image gray scale:   256
Scan Depth (mm):   120~ 190, 8 levels adjustable
Measurement:   Distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate. GA, EDD
Annotation:   Hospital, name, age and Sex. It is allowed for full screen editor.
Battery Capacity:   2200mAh
Mainframe power consumption:   13W at non-charging/ 25W at charging
Adapter power consumption:   45W
Mainframe weight  (Excl.probe):   900g


System Basics

This equipment is Suitable for diagnosis on swine, goats, cattle, horse, horses, cat, dog and other animals, which is high resolution mechanical sector ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment.



Principle diagram

This chapter introduces how to operate & install system and the battery
Environmental Requirements:
1. Environment temperature range:+ 5℃~ + 40℃
2. Relative humidity range:30%~ 80%
3. Atmosphere pressure range:700hPa~ 1060hPa
When using, avoid strenuous vibration, keep it away from devices with high field, intense magnetic field or high voltage; avoid strong sunlight blazing down on the display; keep the device well-ventilated, moisture proof and dustproof.


Probe Connection & Disconnection

Probe Connection:

Step 1:  Match the marks of both the probe socket and the plug
Step 2:  Put the plug into the socket along the marks, have them connected properly. 
Step 2:  Rotate the sleeve clockwise to lock the plug.

Probe Disconnection:
Step 1:   Rotate the safe-sleeve anticlockwise to the bottom position
Step 2:   Take the sealed head and pull out the plug out of the socket.


Operating & Setting

This chapter describes how to use the keyboard function and preset parameters;
You can preset system operating status, configuration parameters of each exam mode, post process and others. The system runs automatically with the preset parameters after each startup. Before examining patients, ensure proper parameters have been preset;
Screen Display

Since the beginning establishment of Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, we have been working in the medical field applications and product innovation. After several years of development, now our products are exported to over 110 countries, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Nigeria included. Furthmore, our company has passed the ISO13485 international quality management system certification, CE certification and RoHS certification.

Nowadays, we sell three series ultrasound products including Human ultrasound, Vet animals ultrasound and Ophthalmology ultrasound. Wide ranges of ultrasound such as Notebook B ultrasound, Handheld, 4D ultrasound and other special type of ultrasound products, of which under unique proprietary core technology in the international leading level.

As a developing Medical Devices team, we pursue the goal of "More healthier in technology", and adhere to the idea of "Innovating technology, living healthier". Therefore, we have made a contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technologies products for many years.

We are looking forward to cooperating you from differ medical fields around the world, and we firmly believe that we will make you satisfied with our high quality products and good serves.





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